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What Is A Neograft Hair Transplant?

NeoGraft is a hair restoration procedure that combines the benefits of follicular unit extraction with automation for a faster, highly-precise result. NeoGraft is a partly-automated type of follicular unit extraction (FUE) that carefully removes healthy hair follicles from a donor site at the back or sides of the head, where the hair follicles are thicker and more robust, then places these follicles in the bald or thinning areas to achieve a very natural-looking, full, healthy head of hair.

What is Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)?

FUE is a hair transplantation method in which the surgeon harvests follicles individually by hand, requiring no removal of skin from the scalp, and resulting in no scar and a high rate of survival of the transplanted follicles. FUE is an advanced hair transplantation procedure that depends on the skill and dexterity of the surgeon. FUE results look natural and effectively renew and restore your head of hair. 

NeoGraft is a form of FUE that uses a semi-automatic extraction and implant system to perform the FUE method. NeoGraft’s speed and precision make it an ideal choice for patients. After NeoGraft, significant growth can be seen at six months. A full head of hair is usually achieved within 12 months of the procedure. Results appear completely natural and realistic, making it almost impossible to discern the difference between the transplanted follicles and the follicles that originally grew there. NeoGraft is also the least invasive option out of the possible hair transplant procedures.

What Are The Benefits Of Neograft?

NeoGraft is considered one of the finest hair transplantation methods because of the many benefits it provides. NeoGraft achieves many benefits for patients who would like to restore their hair, including the following:

  • New hair follicles seamlessly integrate with the existing hair
  • Minimal complications, discomfort, or bleeding
  • Requires only local anesthesia
  • Minimally invasive–no incisions are required 
  • No linear scar
  • Recovery time is rapid, allowing patients to return to work within a week
  • Achieves constant, natural hair growth
  • Harvests from multiple donor sites
  • Leave the donor sites with thick, healthy hair
  • Results are natural-looking and long-lasting
  • The least invasive hair transplant procedure

What Happens During The Neograft Procedure?

Before your NeoGraft procedure begins, we will apply a local anesthetic to numb the area, ensuring you feel no pain during the procedure and you’re comfortable. The recipient sites on your scalp are outlined to determine the size, hairline, and angle with respect to the existing natural hair in the area. This ensures your new hair grows naturally and integrates well with the hair already growing in the area, achieving a natural, healthy look. 

During the procedure, the NeoGraft automated machine pneumatically harvests healthy hair follicles one by one from donor sites at the back and sides of the head. This is where the hair follicles are the strongest and thickest. The remaining hair in the donor sites still appears full, with no patches of lost hair or scarring. The harvested follicles are transplanted to the treatment sites where the scalp is balding or the hair is thinning. 

Most NeoGraft patients require 1-2 treatments, depending on the size and condition of the scalp where you wish to restore your hair growth. It will take approximately three months to see the new hair growth begin to come in. After six months, substantial regrowth can be seen. The full results of a healthy, thick head of hair are achieved in about 12 months. Your results will appear completely natural.

Recovery After NeoGraft

After your NeoGraft procedure, you will be able to go home on the same day. You may experience some swelling, and there will be pain and soreness at the transplant site as well as in the donor area. You can use over-the-counter pain medication to help with this. It will take a few days for the red marks from the transplant to scab over. 

You may experience some hairs falling out after the procedure. This is a part of the process and isn’t something to worry about. The hairs will regrow and result in a thicker, healthy head of hair.

Most patients can return to their usual activities within about one week, give or take. Don’t exercise for a week or do anything strenuous as you’re healing. It’s important to wait several days after your procedure to wash your hair. When you do wash your hair, use a mild, gentle shampoo. Don’t press a brush or comb down over the transplant area for three weeks.

Who Is A Candidate For Neograft Treatments?

Ideal candidates for NeoGraft treatments are men and women who have experienced hair loss and would like to achieve a thick, full head of hair. Patients who have had prior hair transplants or hair growth procedures are also candidates for NeoGraft. Candidates should meet the following requirements:

  • You are in good health
  • Do not smoke
  • Have significant hair loss
  • Have enough hair in the donor areas at the back and sides of the head
  • Do not have chronic health concerns
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Dr. Courtney is a board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon with a reputation for precision and excellence. He is known for his stunning results and his individualized, understanding approach to his patients. Dr. Courtney takes the time to ensure his patients fully understand what their procedure entails, empowering them to make the best decisions to achieve their aesthetic goals. He understands how important having a thick, full head of hair can be for patients who are experiencing hair loss. He offers NeoGraft, the very best of hair transplantation, for his patients to achieve hair restoration and restore confidence and quality of life. Call us today or contact us online to schedule your consultation and find out more about hair restoration with Dr. Courtney.

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