Breast Implant Removal

Breast Implant Removal in Houston, TX

Breast augmentation gives women long-lasting curves, but often your lifestyle or attitude changes while your implants stay the same. Women should always have the prerogative to change their minds about their ideal figures. At some point, you may decide that you’re ready to take those implants out or you may need to exchange your beloved implants for another pair.

When it’s time to remove your breast implants, Dr. Courtney El-Zokm can help you become the best version of yourself for this stage in your life. Whether you’re going for sleek or sexy, Dr. Courtney works with you to map the steps to achieve that stunning first impression. For expert breast implant removal in Houston, TX, contact us at (713) 522-4411 to learn more about this procedure.

Why Do Women Remove Their Breast Implants in Houston?

For many women, their relationship with their implants is love at first sight. The 32,218 ratings on publication RealSelf average a 98% “Worth It” rating. Why would a person ever want to remove them? If you love your implants and they are working properly, don’t even worry about removal. Keep enjoying your full, rounded breasts.

Women choose to remove their breast implants for many reasons, including:

  • A change in lifestyle include the adoption of vigorous exercise
  • A change in health outlook
  • Implant type change- saline to silicone or cohesive silicone implants
  • Size Change- Implants are too large or too small
  • Implant complications- capsular contracture, implant displacement, infection
  • Concerns about breast implant illness or about BIA-ALCL
  • Implant rupture, leak, or deflation
  • Breast sagging that can develop after pregnancy or weight loss
  • Asymmetry

Each patient is unique. We’ll work with you to find out why you want to remove your implants and to explore options for exchange or replacement if needed. If you’re removing your breast implants and not replacing them, the breast lift restores breast shape using only your own fat and skin. 

Your Options after Implant Removal

Explore which procedure is best for you so you can get clear, specific answers from Dr. Courtney during your consultation. Our patients rave about how Dr. Courtney listens with such open-minded compassion, they are comfortable enough to ask any question and press for the most unique detail.

These options ensure you can achieve a beautiful figure, no matter your age, weight or circumstances:

Removing only the implants is a quick and relatively easy procedure. An incision is created, often under the breast, and the implant is carefully removed. Patients with saline implants may be candidates for a pre-operative draining and implant removal through a smaller incision. Some patients receiving implant removal only can have the procedure done under local anesthesia in the office.

The capsule is a scar tissue coating that forms around the implant and pocket. These tissue capsules form around every type of device, including pacemakers and artificial joints. When the removal is paired with a capsulectomy, the implant is removed and then the capsule is removed. Capsule removal isn’t always necessary, but it should be performed if you have capsular contracture or ruptured silicone implants.

Enbloc breast implant removal is a specialized type of The implant and the capsule are removed together as a whole unit. This procedure is most often performed when a patient is experiencing problems with their implants or if leakage is suspected. Keeping the capsule intact can contain bacteria and other foreign substances from entering the breast.

Breast implants stretch and expand the breasts. After removing them, the breasts may appear deflated and empty. Pairing your implant removal with a breast lift will reshape the breast tissue, helping to restore a more youthful and natural breast appearance. Generally, the larger the implant, the more necessary the lift.

Sometimes breast implants need a replacement for various reasons. If you’re experiencing complications with your implant or if your needs have changed, it may be time to remove and replace your implants. Depending on your specific case, this can be done in the office or operating room.

Fat grafting can replace the volume that the implant once provided. This is the technique chosen by those who want to keep only natural substances in their body.

Don’t feel intimidated by the many options for breast implant removal in Houston. Dr. Courtney and his staff go to great lengths to ensure you understand your options and select an effective procedure for your goals. Usually, there is a clear-cut best choice for the most effective treatment option.

Meet Dr. Courtney

Dr. Courtney El Zokm, called Dr. Courtney by his patients, has devoted many years to honing his expertise in plastic surgery. He is committed to creating balance and natural results through meticulous attention to detail.

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Meet Dr. Courtney

Dr. Courtney El Zokm, called Dr. Courtney by his patients, has devoted many years to honing his expertise in plastic surgery. He is committed to creating balance and natural results through meticulous attention to detail.

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What Happens During Breast Implant Removal with Dr. Courtney?

Breast implant removal is typically performed under general anesthesia in a fully equipped operating room. Some patients may be able to have their implants removed with a local anesthetic and sedation, but this is much less common.

An incision is created in the breast and the implant is carefully removed. The placement of your incision will depend on the location of your previous breast incisions and the type of implant removal being performed.

If Dr. Courtney is performing an en bloc breast implant removal, the implant and capsule are carefully dissected from the breast together and removed in one piece. If capsulectomy is being performed after implant removal, the implant is removed first and then the capsule is removed. Patients that are receiving a breast lift or fat grafting will have this second surgery performed immediately after the implant is removed.

Some patients will need drains. These will be placed after the implant is removed. Compression bandaging is usually used to help alleviate swelling and fluid accumulation during recovery.

Recovery After Houston Breast Implant Removal: What to Expect

Plan on taking a few days off from work. Breast implant removal alone has a shorter recovery timeline while removal with a lift can have a longer recovery timeline. Dr. Courtney can give you a better idea of what to expect during your consultation.

Tenderness, tightness, and bruising are common. Rest as much as you can during the first few days and slowly return to your daily activities.

Many women find that implant removal is easier to recover from than their initial implant placement. Your recovery experience will largely depend on the type of removal performed.

We’ll provide detailed recovery instructions.

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If you’re ready to take the next step or want to learn more about a certain procedure, schedule your consultation today. Dr. Courtney and his team are excited to meet you!

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Take the Next Step

If you’re ready to take the next step or want to learn more about a certain procedure, schedule your consultation today. Dr. Courtney and his team are excited to meet you!

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Am I a Good Candidate for Breast Implant Removal?

If you need to have your breast implants removed or if you’re experiencing any complications, we want to talk to you about your options.

Smoking can interfere with the healing process; we encourage anyone considering surgery to stop smoking.

Contact Dr. Courtney El-Zokm to learn more about breast implant removal in Houston, TX, and be sure to check out our FAQ section below for more information!

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of your procedure will depend on the type of implant removal and complexity. Receive a customized estimate during a plastic surgery consultation with Dr. Courtney.

Some tenderness is expected during recovery, but thanks to pain medication, most women find the process is relatively comfortable. We’ll provide tips for managing discomfort and if you’re in pain, let us know so we can help you find relief.

Breast implants aren’t removed on a schedule. If your implants are working well and not having problems, removing them isn’t usually necessary. Many women that have had breast implants for many years choose to remove or replace them so they can enjoy the benefits of newer, modern implant types. Most implants are recommended to be exchanged every 10 years.

Breast implants are commonly removed and replaced during a single procedure. Talk with Dr. Courtney to explore your options.

Your breasts are called “sisters, not twins” for a reason. Ideally, they should look very similar. This symmetry is easiest to achieve when both breasts are operated on together. Furthermore, the implant manufacturer’s warranty also suggests that patients have both of their implants replaced every ten years. If we remove or replace the implant on one side, we highly recommend replacing it on the other side too.