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One of the most popular cosmetic procedures available today, a Brazilian Butt Lift consists of liposuction combined with fat grafts to the buttock region. This cosmetic procedure is named after the women of Brazil, who are famous for their distinct curves and contours in the buttock region. While many women wish to have the same look, they require some cosmetic assistance to get there.

What is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

The goal of this treatment is to improve the curvature of the butt while also creating more harmony between the butt and the thighs. The BBL’s fat transfer approach means that the results appear more natural than butt implants. Furthermore, this fat grafting technique allows patients to achieve the same results as a traditional butt lift without extensive downtime.

A Brazilian Butt Lift in Houston is a viable option for patients who would like to see an improvement in the shape and size of their butts and have enough fat in other areas that can be transferred. Naturally, this results in a slimming of problem areas, such as the hips and thighs, leaving the patient with a beautiful hourglass figure.

What Are The Benefits Of A Brazilian Butt Lift?

  • A more proportionate body

While the focus of this procedure is on the butt, one of the main benefits is a more proportionate figure. Reshaping the butt has a massive impact on the body’s overall shape. 

  • A slimming effect on other parts of the body

Beyond the obvious benefit of improving the size and positioning of the butt, fat extractions mean that certain fatty areas of the body will become leaner. The hips, thighs, stomach, and love handles are all the most common areas of extraction. 

  • Natural-looking results

Implants can sometimes produce unnatural-looking results. Beyond that, weight fluctuations can make the implants more noticeable. With a BBL in Houston, the approach is natural, meaning that the butt will adjust naturally to any changes in weight. 

  • Quick results

The BBL can achieve in a few hours what daily squats take months to accomplish. 

  • More wardrobe options

As a result of an improved butt aesthetic, patients will be able to ‘pull off’ certain clothing options that seemed unfeasible in the past. 

  • A totally safe procedure

The BBL is performed with injections, meaning that no incisions have to be made. Beyond that, no foreign materials are being placed into the body, so there is no risk of infection. 

  • The appearance of cellulite is reduced

Once the butt becomes firmer, the appearance of cellulite is decreased. Furthermore, the lifting effect impacts the thighs, reducing their cellulite content. Patients end up with a more toned look all around.

How Does The Procedure Work? 

The procedure is typically performed under general anesthesia, allowing patients to rest and relax throughout the treatment. First, incisions are made in the areas from which fat will be collected. These incision sites are all planned out and discussed during the consultation. While these incisions may be visible, they are usually quite small and unnoticeable. 

A special fluid is injected into the fatty areas to prep the fat for extraction, liquefying it and making it easier to be removed from the body. A cannula (tube) is then inserted to extract the fat. This fat is then purified and injected into the buttocks until the desired aesthetic is achieved.

Who Is A Candidate For A Brazilian Butt Lift? 

Any patients who are struggling with the following conditions may be good candidates for this procedure:

  • An ‘unbalanced’ appearance due to buttocks that are too small in proportion to the rest of the body
  • A ‘flat’ butt that could benefit from more curviness 
  • Sagging of the butt, resulting from aging or weight loss
  • Loose-fitting clothing or swimwear on the butt

Good candidates for this procedure have enough fatty tissue in other areas of the body that can be harvested through liposuction. Patients who are lacking in fat may need to gain weight prior to the treatment.

What Is The Recovery Period Like?

After the surgery, patients must wear a special compression garment, which reduces swelling and keeps the treated area protected throughout the recovery period. This garment usually needs to stay on for a period of 3 to 6 weeks. Tubes are inserted into the treated areas in order to drain out the fluid, which greatly aids the healing process.

Patients should make sure to avoid putting excess pressure on their butt for at least two weeks. This can make the recovery period a bit uncomfortable. However, there are special pillows and inflatable chairs available that make things easier. 

Light exercise can be resumed approximately three weeks after the procedure. Patients should wait at least 4 months before judging the results of the procedure, as swelling can take this long to fully dissipate.

Brazilian Butt Lift FAQ

How long do the results of a Brazilian butt lift last?A Brazilian butt lift transfers natural fat cells from a body area with an excess to the buttocks. The fat cells become integrated into the tissues and continue to add volume and lift to the region for the long term.

A Brazilian butt lift transfers natural fat cells from a body area with an excess to the buttocks. The fat cells become integrated into the tissues and continue to add volume and lift to the region for the long term.

How much of the transferred fat will survive?

Some cells will be reabsorbed when transferring fat to the buttocks, while others become viable and part of your body. About 60 to 80 percent of the fat cells typically become viable, so some overfilling is necessary.

How long before a full recovery from a Brazilian butt lift?

You will need to be patient to achieve the total result of the treatment. Generally, the final look of the enhancement is reached between four and six months.

What can I expect during recovery from a BBL?

The most challenging part of the recovery from a BBL is that you cannot put pressure on the area – so you must avoid sitting down or lying on your back for two to four weeks. This allows a higher percentage of the transferred fat cells to become viable.

Can thinner people have a Brazilian butt lift?

To perform a Brazilian butt lift, the patient must have enough excess fat to harvest and transfer. Very thin people typically don’t have enough excess fat to transfer but can enhance the buttocks with Sculptra or butt implants.

What type of anesthesia is used in a Brazilian butt lift?

This procedure is usually performed with the patient under general anesthesia, IV sedation, or local anesthesia. We will thoroughly discuss the type of anesthesia used to ensure you understand what to expect after your treatment.

Will a BBL leave scars?

To harvest the fat, tiny incisions are required, which heal to being virtually invisible. To inject the fat, four incisions are placed, each about ½ inch long; once healed, they are barely visible.

Why Choose Dr. Courtney? 

Board-certified plastic surgeon Courtney El-Zokm is revered as one of the top cosmetic practitioners in the greater Houston area. His extensive training and educational background have endowed him with the ability to achieve remarkable results. 

From the first meeting, Dr. Courtney prioritizes communication with his patients, ensuring that they have the opportunity to express any and all concerns regarding their treatment. These open channels have helped him build lifelong connections with his patients. Above all, he is known for his commitment to excellence in cosmetology and patient satisfaction. These attributes set him apart from the rest. 

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