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When saline implants rupture, the leaking solution is absorbed harmlessly into the body. For silicone implants, different people will have different reactions. Some people have little or no response to leaking breast implants, while others may experience hard pockets, inflammation, or an overall feeling of sickness or tiredness. It is important to reiterate that no severe health issues are associated with leaking breast implants.

How Ruptured Implants Present

Knowing the symptoms of a ruptured implant can aid in early detection, so the implants can be more easily replaced and leaked silicone removed.

Symptoms of breast implant ruptures can include:

  • Change in shape of the breast or breast implant
  • Hard knots or lumps around the implant or in the armpit
  • Tingling, swelling, burning, numbness, or hardening of the breast
  • Shrinking or loss of size of the breast or implant
  • Deflation of implant over time
  • Pain or tenderness due to inflamed tissue

Silicone breast implants can rupture without any sort of symptoms, which is called “ a silent rupture.” Silicone gel is more viscous and retains its general shape, so leaks are initially slow and unnoticeable. Because advanced imaging with an MRI is generally necessary to confirm these silent ruptures, the FDA suggests that patients with silicone implants undergo an MRI scan as early as three years after surgery and every two years after that.

Causes Of Ruptured Breast Implants

One of the most common causes of ruptured breast implants is capsular contracture, where collagen fibers within the breast grow and constrict around the implant. These capsules are a natural bodily response and often develop without issue but could eventually cause rupture.

Breast implant ruptures can also be caused by:

  • Daily wear and tear over time
  • Damage to the implant during implantation or a separate surgery
  • Folding or wrinkling of the implant shell
  • Large force or trauma to the chest
  • Extreme pressure applied to the breast, such as during a mammogram

Repairing Ruptured Breast Implants

If you have a silent rupture that is not causing signs or symptoms, Dr. Courtney will explain possible treatment options and help you consider the pros and cons. Some take a wait-and-see approach, while others prefer to remove or replace the ruptured implant immediately with a basic breast implant removal procedure. Dr. Courtney will also extract leaked silicone during this procedure.

Should you choose surgical removal, a new implant can be inserted during the same procedure. However, if you no longer want breast implants, you should consider a breast lift or other corrective surgery.

Why Choose Dr. Courtney To Repair Ruptured Breast Implants?

Breast implant removal can provide a beautiful figure, regardless of age, weight, or circumstances. You can expect honest and accurate guidance from Dr. Courtney during your consultation for breast implant removal in Houston. Dr. Courtney listens with open-minded compassion and helps his patients feel comfortable asking questions about the various issues associated with the procedure.

Dr. Courtney was mentored by prominent and esteemed plastic surgeons at the Texas Medical Center in Houston. Nationally recognized as one of six outstanding surgeons for his research by The American Society of Plastic Surgery, your breast implant removal procedure will be performed by an accomplished and board-certified breast surgeon.

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