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FaceTite is an advanced, innovative, minimally-invasive device that is FDA-approved to tighten the skin of the face and neck and reduce small fat pockets. FaceTite can be used to treat the cheeks, jowls, neck, nasolabial folds, forehead and brow area, around the eyes, and other areas to help reduce sagging and wrinkles, and to sculpt and refine the features. 

The technology of FaceTite is a process called Radiofrequency-Assisted Lipolysis (RFAL). With the RFAL process, radiofrequency waves are infused into the tissues to liquefy fat deposits and trigger collagen production. The liquefied fat is then suctioned out. The collagen remodels, firms, and smooths the skin. The result is firmer, younger skin and more defined and sculpted features.

FaceTite Benefits

This innovative treatment provides many benefits for patients who would like to firm and sculpt their features.

  • Non-surgical facelift alternative
  • No scarring
  • Short recovery period
  • Slims the face and neck 
  • Tightens and sculpts the jawline 
  • Firms and tightens sagging skin
  • Smooths wrinkles and lines
  • Achieves a rejuvenated, more glowing appearance
  • Requires only one treatment to achieve results
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What Happens During a FaceTite Treatment?

FaceTite treatments take about two hours, starting with local anesthesia to ensure you’re comfortable during the procedure. Once the anesthesia has taken effect, a very small incision is made under your chin. 

The FaceTite device is then inserted, where it delivers the radiofrequency waves. These waves heat the fat cells in order to destroy and liquefy them. This process also deeply triggers collagen production. A separate tube suctions out the liquified fat. 

After the FaceTite procedure is complete, we will apply compression bandages. These reduce swelling during the recovery period and help ensure your skin heals and tightens properly in its new, more defined contours.

Recovery and Results

There will be swelling and bruising for several days to a week after your FaceTite procedure. Most patients can return to work after two days, but some may take longer, depending on how many areas were treated during your FaceTite procedure.

After a week, you’ll see the initial results of your treatment. Your face will be more visibly contoured and sculpted. In the following weeks and months, you’ll notice improvements in your skin as your body naturally rebuilds the skin with the boost in collagen that your FaceTite treatment provided. 

Results from a FaceTite treatment last for 1-5 years.

Is FaceTite Right for Me?

Men or women who would like to improve the visible signs of facial aging are likely candidates for FaceTite. Ideal candidates meet the following requirements:

  • Are generally in good health
  • Have a double chin 
  • Have lost definition in the jowls or have a sagging jawline
  • Have mild to moderate skin laxity
  • Would prefer a non-surgical rejuvenation
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Why Choose Dr. Courtney Plastic Surgery?

At Dr. Courtney Plastic Surgery, we are known for personalized patient care and exceptional results. Dr. Courtney is a board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon whose experience with surgical and non-surgical enhancements allows him to achieve outstanding results for his patients. 

Dr. Courtney puts his patients first, providing caring excellence in your aesthetic rejuvenation journey to firmer skin and more defined, sculpted features. Call us today or contact us online to schedule your consultation about a FaceTite treatment.

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