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What is a breast lift (mastopexy)?

A breast lift, or mastopexy surgery, is a surgical procedure to raise the chest’s breasts’ position. Every breast lift is 100 percent customized but generally involves removing excess skin and reshaping the breast tissue to restore the lovely, rounded look of healthy, young breasts. If your nipples need recentering, or you wish they were smaller and more delicate, a breast lift in Houston at Dr. Courtney’s Plastic Surgery is the right place. A breast lift can give you back that youthful, perky position and restore fullness and shape – creating proportionate, firmly rounded, lifted breasts.

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An overview of a breast lift surgery procedure

In your breast lift, the tissues are altered to reduce fullness in the lower portion of the breasts, and the upper breast is re-contoured. Once the new shape and position are created, any excess skin is removed so the remaining tissue can be lifted and tightened.

If your areolas are overly large, Dr. Courtney will also reshape and reduce them to be better proportioned. He can also reposition them into a forward-facing, centered position when needed. Finally, he will close the incisions using dissolvable sutures and use a compression garment to help reduce swelling and aid with comfort. No matter which surgical technique he chooses, Dr. Courtney employs the most recent and advanced technology to minimize the visibility of scars, ensure healthy blood flow, and create a more youthful breast shape and position that enhances your quality of life. As a microsurgeon, his meticulous approach to breast lift surgery is at the leading edge of recent advances in surgical technique.

Your custom breast lift in Houston: Dr. Courtney

Board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Courtney, is known for his impressive surgical skills and his natural, warm personality. Practicing in Houston, TX, at one of the largest plastic surgery practices in the country, The Aesthetic Center for Plastic Surgery (ACPS), Dr. Courtney is dedicated to achieving results that bring you joy and confidence in all the years ahead.

To get your breast lift questions answered schedule a consultation with Dr. Courtney, reach out to us and schedule a private consultation.

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Are you a candidate for a custom breast lift?

Your breasts are a beautiful aspect of the feminine figure, but they can change over time due to age, pregnancy, childbirth, or changes in weight. If you would like to restore the firm, round, perky look of youthful breasts, you may be a good candidate for a custom breast lift.

Even younger women may feel a lack of confidence due to the appearance of their breasts. Some breast qualities are inherited and may inhibit feelings of self-worth. Whether you have uneven breasts, feel your nipples are too large, too low on the breast mound, or believe your breasts look saggy, a breast lift could be the ideal procedure. Dr. Courtney is arguably one of the best breast lift surgeons in Houston or the state of Texas – a true professional in his field.

Dr. Courtney Plastic Surgery

Your consultation

When you come into our state-of-the-art facility, you will meet with Dr. Courtney and his patient care coordinator to discuss your aesthetic vision for your breasts. After thoroughly reviewing your medical history, Dr. Courtney will conduct a physical exam to evaluate your natural body structure and balance.

Listening closely to your vision about your figure, Dr. Courtney can advise you of the treatment that will create the look you want. He will share before and after photos of his real-world patients who have had the procedure to help you understand what’s possible and what to expect from your own breast lift.

Bring photos of how you would like your breasts to look, or images of yourself as a teenager if you so choose.

Real Patient

3D imaging technology: Know before you go.

Using Vectra XT 3D Imaging technology, Dr. Courtney can show you visually what a breast lift can achieve on your body. If a lift with augmentation is your goal, you can “try on” various implant shapes and sizes. You’ll see first hand which choices will render the most natural and flattering results. We’re proud to be one of the few Houston practices to offer Vectra XT 3D Imaging technology. The peace of mind it brings is priceless.

Dr. Courtney Plastic Surgery

Extraordinary, personalized care

Your consultation with Dr. Courtney will be a highly-personalized and individualized experience. He will ensure you thoroughly understand the procedure, any risks, the predicted recovery time and activity limitations, and what to expect in the final look. He welcomes any questions you have and will answer them honestly and thoroughly.  Dr. Courtney focuses on advanced patient safety and will want to speak with you about every aspect of the procedure, so please allow an hour to an hour and a half for your initial consultation about a breast lift. Some of the subjects to be covered include:

  • Your overall health: You must be in overall good health and ready to discuss any medical conditions and medications you take, including over-the-counter medicines. Before surgery, you must avoid aspirins and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) for at least one week prior and one week after surgery. Some supplements that have blood-thinning properties must be stopped during that time.
  • Alcohol and tobacco use: We want your surgery to be safe and produce the look you want. For added safety, we ask that you avoid smoking and consuming alcohol for four weeks leading up to and after surgery.
  • Weight: You should be close to your goal weight before undergoing a breast lift.
  • Hormonal changes: Hormonal changes from pregnancy can affect the size and shape of your breasts. Dr. Courtney will ask how recently you had children and whether you plan for more. Breast lift surgery can be performed six months after ending breastfeeding your baby.
  • Your expectations: A breast lift does not replace lost volume or increase the size of your breasts. Many women choose to combine a breast lift with breast augmentation — either with breast implants or via a fat transfer — to achieve the ultimate in feminine appeal.

What is the recovery after a breast lift?

A breast lift is an outpatient procedure performed with general anesthesia under the care of our board-certified, highly-trained anesthesiologists. When you awake from surgery, your breasts will be wrapped in a compression garment to minimize swelling and support your body as it heals. Before leaving our state-of-the-art surgical center, The ACPS SurgiCentre, Dr. Courtney will give you detailed instructions for how the compression bandage is to be worn, along with other aftercare instructions. For the most beautiful outcome, ensure you follow all aftercare directions.

Dr. Courtney Plastic Surgery

Mastopexy Recovery timeline: 

Typically, recovery from a breast lift takes about a week to two weeks, with mild bruising or temporary numbness to be expected.  For the first day or two after surgery, arrange for another adult to assist you, as you will be unable to lift your arms. With tenderness and soreness being most prevalent for the first few days, Dr. Courtney will prescribe medications necessary for a comfortable recovery. You will be able to perform light activities and shower within 48 hours of surgery. You should feel well enough to resume your normal daily activities within a week.

 However, heavy lifting and vigorous exercise must be avoided for about six weeks, or until given the go-ahead by Dr. Courtney. Though you will see a noticeable difference immediately after surgery, your breasts will continue to heal over the coming weeks. As the swelling subsides, they will begin to settle into their final position. Throughout the recovery process, you will have several follow-up appointments with Dr. Courtney to monitor your healing process and ensure all is proceeding well. Together with his dedicated staff, Dr. Courtney will walk with you, step-by-step, throughout the entire recovery process, and is always available to you when needed.

Incision placement: Breast lift in Houston

There are several different approaches to a breast lift, with varying incision techniques. After your consultation, Dr. Courtney will be able to determine the best incision method, based on your breast tissue and amount of excess skin. His goal is to achieve the most attractive look with the least scarring.

Crescent lift

This technique corrects minimal sagging involving a small incision running halfway around the top edge of the areola. This technique is often combined with a breast augmentation.

Periareolar or “donut” lift

Ideal for women with limited excess skin, this breast lift technique consists of a circular incision around the edge of the areola. This incision is commonly performed in conjunction with breast augmentation, with any scars virtually undetectable. This incision technique can also reduce the size of your areola.

Vertical or “lollipop” lift

The lollipop lift corrects moderate sagging and provides more extensive reshaping. This type of lift involves two incisions – one around the edge of the areola and another running vertically from the bottom of the areola to the crease under the breast, known as the inframammary fold (IMF). The circle around the nipple and the vertical incision make a “lollipop” shape, hence the name. This incision placement allows for thorough re-contouring of the breast and removal of excess skin, with scars that are invisible when wearing low-cut tops, bathing suits, or bras.

Inverted T or “anchor” lift

This is the most commonly used technique. An anchor lift produces the most beautiful outcomes in most cases. It involves three incisions: one around the edge of the areola, one vertically from the bottom of the areola to the inframammary fold, and then horizontally along the fold. This technique is excellent for women who want a breast reduction with a lift. The scars fade to being barely visible, and are invisible when wearing a bra, plunging neckline, or bikini top. This lift is most often performed by Dr. Courtney, and his advanced surgical techniques ensure stunning, beautiful results.

Can breast lift surgery be combined with other procedures?

Breast lift with augmentation

While a breast lift will significantly improve the shape and position of sagging breasts, it does not treat loss of volume. Many women combine a breast lift with an augmentation to achieve the desired fullness for a more appealing, sexy figure. The breast augmentation can be performed with saline or silicone implants, or with natural fat transfer. Dr. Courtney listens closely to your concerns and helps you determine the implant type (if needed) and best-suited size given your personal aesthetic goals. With the help of the Vectra XT 3D Imaging technology, you will have a real-world concept about the final look of your breasts.

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Breast Reduction with Lift

On the other hand, women looking for a slimmer figure may want a breast reduction while undergoing their breast lift. Some may find that their breasts are too heavy and dense, causing discomfort in their upper back. During this combined procedure, Dr. Courtney will remove additional tissue to establish the desired size while lifting and reshaping the breast tissue and areola, using the same incisions.

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Mommy makeover

Finally, your breast lift could be a part of your comprehensive mommy makeover, a combination of procedures designed to create a youthful, slim, trim figure with lovely breasts.  The goal is to restore your pre-baby body and may include a breast lift, tummy tuck, liposuction, vaginal rejuvenation, and various non-surgical treatments for the ultimate result.

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Dr. Courtney Plastic Surgery

I pride myself on always having their best and unbiased interests in mind. I am the type of person who continues to internalize the needs of my patients and the best course of action, even after the consultation concludes, to ensure optimal results.

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