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The development of scar tissue around an implant is a natural reaction, and in the majority of cases, the scar tissue remains soft and flexible. Still, for some women, capsular contracture can develop. This complication is treatable with a custom breast revision surgery, which is performed by Dr. Courtney.

What causes

capsular contracture?

Why some women develop the condition is not fully understood. It is known that capsular contracture occurs more frequently when the implants are placed below the breast tissue rather than beneath the chest muscles. The constant motion of the pectoral muscles has a massaging effect on the natural scar tissue.

Dr. Courtney is conservative and circumspect in his approach to breast augmentation. If you are considering enhancing your breasts, you can rest assured knowing that he will perform safely, with stringent health protocols which can reduce the risk of developing this condition. If you need revision surgery, you want to be under the care of a breast procedure specialist with proven skills.

How is capsular contracture treated?

The most common treatment for this condition is to remove the implant or both the implant and the capsule. Only your surgeon can advise which procedure is needed in your case. The surgical options for treating capsular contracture are:

  • En bloc or “total capsulectomy” implant removal: In this procedure, both the implant and the scar capsule are surgically removed together, allowing for a thorough fresh start with all troublesome tissues removed. 
  • Open capsulotomy: If the implants are above the muscle, it may be possible to make an incision through the areola to allow the capsule to loosen and expand.
  • Capsulectomy: The implant is removed, followed by removal of the scar tissue. New implants can be placed after it is removed.

Surgical technique matters.

Dr. Courtney is a breast revision surgeon who takes his patients’ health and safety very seriously. When placing implants, he uses techniques that can reduce the risk of developing the condition. Should you require a revision to treat capsular contracture, he does not rush the process and ensures that the most effective surgical approach is employed. For example, rather than just removing the implant, you may experience better results with an en bloc surgery. We believe that you deserve to undergo the best technique for your body.

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What is the recovery after surgery for capsular contracture in Houston?

Recovery time after surgery for capsular contracture is typically between 1-2 weeks. As with the initial augmentation, swelling, bruising, and mild pain are to be expected, and you will have pain medication to keep you comfortable during this phase of healing. You will be wearing a surgical bandage to limit swelling and protect your incisions.

The ideal way to recover is to take all the time you need to rest and heal, and ensure you do not lift your arms over your head, lift anything, including children and pets, follow all aftercare instructions, and let your body recover. You should feel well enough to return to work in one to two weeks, as everyone recovers at a slightly different rate.

What are the first symptoms of capsular contracture?

  • Your breast feels tight
  • One breast may appear slightly distorted in shape
  • One breast is riding higher than the other
  • As the scar tissue hardens, the implant may be noticeable, with the breast looking like a round, hard ball
  • You may experience rippling, which is when the implant is visible through the skin, with folds or wrinkles, more common with saline implants

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If you’re interested in correcting capsular contracture, your next step is a consultation with Dr. Courtney in Houston. To get started, please call our office to schedule an appointment.

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