Fat Grafting

Fat Grafting in Houston with Dr. Courtney El-Zokm

While many patients enjoy the benefits of fillers, injectables, implants, and other popular cosmetic options, they often do not know that we can also use their own fat for similar aesthetic aims. Fat grafting is a safe and effective choice for anyone looking to gain more volume or shape in their face, breasts, buttocks, or hands.

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What Is Fat Grafting?

Fat grafting is a specialized process that relocates fat cells from one area of the body to another. Moving fat from one area to another allows us to transfer volume and enhance curves. Transferred fat creates a blood supply and integrates with the tissues in the transfer area. Fat grafting is one of our favorite tools, and we look to use it to provide our patients with long-lasting results.

Fat Grafting from Head to Toe: What Areas Can Benefit from Extra Fat?

Fat grafting is one of the most versatile treatments that Dr. Courtney offers. Since fat grafting uses your own fatty tissues, it is safe to add to many different areas of your body:

  • Face – We can use fat in place of dermal fillers to provide long-lasting facial volume and rejuvenation. Fat lasts longer than fillers and can smooth away wrinkles and volumize aging cheeks.
  • Breasts – Boost your breast volume with fat grafting. Adding extra fat into the breasts can help to cover breast implants for a more natural shape. Fat grafting can also offer a moderate size increase without implants. Many women choose fat grafting to regain their pre-pregnancy curves after a baby.
  • Buttocks – Fat grafting can help you to achieve a shapelier backside. Our Brazilian butt uses fat to volumize the buttocks, which can add fuller curves.
  • Hands – Fat grafting on the hands ensures your hands are always ready for a close-up. Show off your manicure with pride!

We can also use fat grafting a compliment to another procedure. To find out what methods will be right for you, schedule a consultation with Dr. Courtney’s team today.

Am I a Good Candidate for Fat Grafting?

Fat grafting requires fat. It doesn’t take a lot, and most patients have plenty for the procedure. If your body type is naturally very trim, we can explore other options with you for enhancement.

Patients should be non-smokers and in good health. We’ll carefully review your health history before surgery to ensure this procedure is a safe treatment option.

The Fat Grafting Procedure

Fat grafting happens in stages. On surgery day, we’ll extract your fat, prepare it, and transfer it to a new area. Everything is done on the same day to ensure your extracted fat is healthy and fresh. We always use a patient’s own fat for this procedure, never donor fat.

Learn more about each stage in the fat grafting process. 

  • Extraction – We begin the procedure by extracting fat through liposuction. We create small incisions, just big enough to insert a thin metal tube, and use suction to dislodge and remove fat gently. During extraction, Dr. Courtney carefully shapes and contours the donor area Fat grafting transforms two areas of the body, the area where fat is removed, and the area where fat is transferred. The amount of fat we extract will depend on the area we’re treating. For example, fat grafting to the hands or face requires less fat than a Brazilian butt lift.
  • Preparation – We will clean, concentrate, and place your fat into syringes. We use a special device to prepare the fat for transfer. Through our expert preparation, we will minimize fat loss after extraction for an even and consistent result.
  • Fat Transfer – When the fat is ready, we will carefully inject it into the transfer area. Dr. Courtney will perform a series of small injections, carefully layering fat with the surrounding tissue. This specialized process increases fat survival rates and creates soft, rounded contours that look very natural.

A typical fat grafting procedure takes between two and three hours. This time accounts for all stages of the process from extraction to transfer.

Recovery After Houston Fat Grafting

Your recovery experience after fat grafting will depend on the areas that are treated and the extent of your surgery. Plan on taking one to two weeks off from work.

You’ll be tender in both the extraction and the transfer area. Dr. Courtney understands the importance of comfort and rest during recovery. He’ll provide detailed instructions and medications as needed to minimize any discomfort you may have after surgery.

It is essential to minimize disruption to the newly transferred fat cells during recovery. Patients receiving a fat transfer to the buttocks may need to limit sitting during the initial phase of recovery. We’ll give you tips to make this easier.

Dr. Courtney provides detailed recovery instructions and will meet with you several times to monitor your healing. We’re always available if you have questions or concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions: Houston Fat Grafting with Dr. Courtney

  • Fat grafting offers long-lasting volume. Initially, some fat cells will be lost during the healing process, but once you’ve recovered, the remaining fat should last. Most patients enjoy a permanent result after their procedure. Your contours may change if you lose or gain significant weight. We recommend maintaining a consistent weight after your fat grafting procedure.
  • Most patients are ready to return to work within two weeks of their fat grafting procedure. The amount of downtime you’ll need will depend on the areas treated and how comfortable you are with post-procedure redness or swelling. Your duties at work also play a role. Dr. Courtney can help you plan so you can arrange for time off before your procedure.

We can perform fat grafting on its own or pair it with implants. In the buttocks area, we find that fat alone works better than implants. Using our specialized fat grafting techniques, we can achieve excellent results using only fat. Fat grafting is often paired with breast implants for breast enhancement.

The amount of fat needed for fat transfer depends on the areas that are being treated. Dr. Courtney has performed many of these procedures and knows how to extract optimal levels of fat to strive for a beautiful end-result.

  • Fat can be removed from many areas of the body. Dr. Courtney often extracts fat from an area that will complement your transfer results. For example, removing fat from the waist and flanks can enhance your hourglass curves when paired with fat transfer to the buttocks.
  • Pricing for this procedure depends on many factors, including the amount of fat transferred and the areas selected for fat harvest and transfer. We’ll provide detailed pricing information at your consultation.

To learn more about how we can enhance your body’s curves with fat grafting. Contact us to schedule your consultation with Dr. Courtney.